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 Do you whant to Join O.W. ?

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Do you whant to Join O.W. ? Empty
PostSubject: Do you whant to Join O.W. ?   Do you whant to Join O.W. ? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2007 4:12 am

email me at black_flame_inside_me@yahoo.com

The Order of the wolf started as early as the 15th century mainly in Spain, France, Helvetia , England and spreading roots to Japan in the late 15th century. According to my research on secret societies "Ordo Inis de Lupus" remains to be one of the best kept secrets in society today together with other societies like the Templars, Free masons, illuminati and the skulls. Having the same organizational structure as many of the other secret societies they have been rumored to have been linked with the Free Masons and have closely worked together and even merged with similar idealogical backgrounds both societies have been closely linked for centuries. The Order has believed in the idealogy that life and the world have to maintain a balance in order for a harmonious relationship to work both in nature and in society, They have sworn to maintain this balance with whatever is necessary.
The wolf being they're primary symbol was chosen due to the way they operate as an organization as they believe like a pack of wolves there is strength in numbers and as the wolf has been identified as the wisest of all mammals in the animal kingdom with they're grace and respect for heiarchy they are considered the closest to man and his society.
The Order has been hunted and discriminated by many religious and dictatorial regimes for interfering with the hand of power in many countries world wide resulting in involvements with revolutions and uprisings against Dictatorial or Imperial Governments causing them to go underground during the renaissance era. The Order survived due to its well rooted foundations and wide spread connections and members from government to the military all the way to the private sector. Although much is not known about prominent members of these societies it is known that they belong to a group of "Gifted people" described by old documented journals tracing back to the Yamato shogunate who were rumored members of the order who were recruited and converted by a young Spanish nobleman seeking discovery and adventure in the asian continent in the late 15th century. It was believed that Akashi Yamato was intrigued with his idealogy and quickly absorbed it to the shogunates idealogy which later became part of the ancient scriptures of Bushido but was later on opposed by the emperors industrial government which believed That using modern firepower was the future and he who had the firepower would be the victor.
At present the Order still is strong and surviving with members in Prominent societies that have been passed on from generation to generation they have been mentioned by other societies as the eyes of the world waiting for a country or a government to abuse or exceed its limit of power so that the wolves may once again join in the hunt to preserve the balance that they believe should create the harmony that this world was meant to have.

Every Soul Haves A Hidden Depth
Every Wound Tells A Broken Story
Every Warrior Leaves His Bloody Mark
From The Shadows Of A Spiteful Mist
A Warrior Walks From A Horison Of Hate
A Shadow Of Enigma

Hail Satan Ave Lucifer
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Do you whant to Join O.W. ?
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